breads for Josefin Vargö: planning, design, baking, talking


One day I hear tell about Josefin Vargö. She is the experience designer, has many interesting projects.

LEVANDE ARKIVET / LIVING ARCHIVE is one of her project, a collection of people's sourdough bread starters and the story behind them. She was seeking sourdough keepers publicly in Japan for the exhibition in 21_21 design sight, Tokyo. I participated the project, and made a trade of my sourdough for hers. This experience gave me a chance to think of the relationship with sourdough.

For me, to grow the sourdough is an avatar of my motivation to create something. Flour and water are INPUTS. Baking is CREATION. Breads are OUTPUTS.

But at the time, a sequence of steps were still STUDY. With this awareness, I'd try to mix the concept in the process. I mixed my sourdough and Josefin's, and bake some breads. "breads for Josefin Vargo" series is my first CONCEPTUAL baking.

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We(I and Josefin) were strangers each other. We needed red wine and raisin to open up. And then, we had a baby. My wife blamed me.


pizza party

Pizza fitted this situation. In sharp contrast to BABY, pizza party is so light and relaxing.

Img10 Img11 Img12


I saw that we needed time to know each other. I tried to talk her. Gradually, talk discussion warmed up and became heated. It raised dough and baked bread.


These breads provided the opportunity for me to appear on a talk show with Josefin in 21_21 design sight.