nichi2jo: planning and organizing


gave a series of workshops about changing the perspective on (y)our daily life, in SHIBAURA HOUSE.

with Emi Kawachida / Toshifumi Matsumiya / Jun Saito / Takeshi Nishio / Kazuhiro Yamashita

main visual and graphic design: Jun Saito
photograph: Megumi Oyama
website: Kazuhiro Yamashita

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I hosted a workshop which was titled "how to live realistically with our sourdough by lifestyle salesman".

: plan, talk, bake

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orientation session by Tota Hasegawa and So Hashizume with nichi2jo planning committee

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unforeseen trip

by Emi Kawachida

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thinking about Kinjiro Ninomiya

by Toshifumi Matsumiya

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create from how to create -how to create music tracks-

by Jun Saito

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let's make a SHIBAURA BURGER

by Takeshi Nishio

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practice and consideration about the exchanging function between daily uses

by Kazuhiro Yamashita